The Flip Effective Technology

​​In partnership with an industry-leading real estate valuation company, the Flip Effective team has developed an internet-based asset management system that provides our asset managers and senior management with real-time access to individual loan and portfolio level data. This system ensures that information is easily shared and utilized across all organizational levels while enabling work-flow oversight linking all critical points of the loan life cycle. This enables Flip Effective team members to continually make informed decisions that maximize investment return and minimize loan acquisition to resolution timelines.

Flip Effective asset managers, field personnel, and vendors cooperate to continually define and automate business processes based on the latest data-driven analyses, as well as to upgrade existing features and generate new applications. Our asset management technology enables a highly standardized and consistent approach to asset management and loss mitigation that is unique in the distressed residential space, reduces the risk associated with distressed residential assets, and contributes to enhanced economic outcomes when compared to traditional acquisition and work-out strategies.

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