The Flip Effective Approach

We have developed a proprietary asset management approach that achieves enhanced economic return when compared to traditional acquisition and work-out strategies. The foundation of this approach is the methodical sourcing of individual assets, coupled with the systematic identification of the highest risk-adjusted outcome. This approach is focused on individual loan resolution with virtually all asset management and loss mitigation decisions handled in-house and utilize standardized processes designed to maximize investor return at all critical points of the loan resolution life cycle.

All Flip Effective asset managers are trained to assess each borrower’s individual circumstance and to maximize the value of each loan. Our asset managers utilize a hands-on, highly focused approach to credit evaluation and financial remediation based on comprehensive underwriting and financial remediation methodologies that are consistent with that of the FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. We also manage the disposition of all real property assets and have developed a nation-wide network of highly talented experts in real estate remediation and marketing approach.

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