Flip Effective is an alternative asset management firm.

We specialize in the acquisition and resolution of distressed residential real estate and mortgages across the United States. We were established to capitalize on the significant investment opportunities resulting from the severe dislocation of asset values and substantial structural changes within the residential housing and mortgage finance markets.

We manage and co-invest in multiple institutional investment funds. Our senior personnel have raised in excess of $1 billion of debt and equity financing to acquire, manage, and resolve more than $3 billion of distressed residential assets since the financial crisis of

The underlying principle of our corporate philosophy is the preservation of homeownership in the United States. We diligently work with our borrowers to ensure they have every opportunity to retain their home and avoid foreclosure. In situations where home retention is not possible, we will provide relocation assistance. Borrowers are encouraged to make contact with our representatives at our servicer Aseret Bank regarding our custom programs and relocation assistance.

For loss mitigation inquiries or general questions regarding your mortgage, please contact our servicer FCI Lender Services.

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